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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

...Pains...pains...ups and downs of the psone..

Let me tell, now, after the fact, I wished I would have just bought one of those expensive lilliput 7" vga touchscreen monitors, the psone lcd screen was a total pain in the ass, but, it was a great learning experiance

Here is the lcd, stripped out of its casing and post-vga mod, running a unconfigured Meedio, the psone lcd screen is 5" and was traded to me in return of a Dlink wireless pci card from mp3car user Mattress (great guy, doing the same mod as me)

notice the huge circular circuit board on the back, that is one of the drawbacks of this thing....

I will post a how-to on this mod later, plus a link where you can buy extended ribbon cables (to extend the circuit board away from the screen)

More to come, so much more...


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