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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

...In a Galaxy, far, far away.....

Lets get this show on the road, really...
GeekFire Premodded

TOTAL SO FAR: $65.50 rough estimate

First off, the details.....Yes, I am putting a computer in my car, for convenience and the pure g33k factor. Oh yea, laziness....I'm tired of swapping cds. Oh yea, I'm tired of getting lost so I need gps.

^Notice the craptacular look and Toshiba dvd-rom (its dying and not being installed)

The Specs (when I'm finished)

*Asus CUV4x Socket 370 mobo (motherboard for the non-geek)
*Pentium 3 733mhz socket cpu
*Western Digital 60 gig Hard drive
*Modded Psone lcd (modded to accept VGA)
Linksys Wireless-G usb adapter
*Creative Audigy LS soundcard
*Matrox 4mb pci video card (needed for correct timings on the psone lcd mod)
*384 megs of PC133
*Realtek NIC (for when I need a wired connection)
BU-303 serial gps reciever
Creative Infra credit card remote and serial IR reciever
*Small Keyboard (for those lovely 3 finger salutes)
Fellowes USB touchpad (like a laptop)
*Generic 160 watt psu
*Modded AT Packard Bell case (modded to fit ATX)
IBM slimline IDE cd-rom
*25ft VGA cable
*$15 foot usb cable

The Audio setup will be like this..

*Pioneer GM-x332 100 watt amp
*2 Jensen 6x9 speakers
*2 stock door speakers

Other items

*Xantrex 360 watt Inverter (for powering)

* - denotes being in stock, in my hands, in my possesion, you get the drift.

More to come...


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