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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bezel/LCD goodness...and badness...

This is a shot of my existing stock radio and bezel.

Being new, I didn't want to start wacking/glueing/screwing up my bezel, so I found one on ebay, total = 12.00 shipped, not bad, despite being tan, little paint will fix that right up.

Notice the lucite beside it, yea, plexi glass, whatever... Found a cheap piece at Lowes ($2.50) and borrowed my buddy's dremel (much prop Danno)

A rough cut, but screw it, the edges will be hidden behind the bezel. Lucite is FUN (not literal) to cut, melting, inhaling pieces, etc.

Grabbed some Krylon Plasticote from Wally World in Satin Black, not the right color of my interior, but close enough. A few good coats result below.

Below shows me holding the lucite in the bezel, nice....

I measured the actual screen area on the lcd, and masked the face of the lucite with masking tape to keep clear, the idea here is to paint back of the lucite (clear) with the plasticote to give a nice black shine on the showing side. Lucite does not paint well without prep, I ended up laying several layers over several days, because you could see the backlight from the lcd, and ended up with almost a crackling finish, crap... Below is me holding the masked lucite faceplate in the bezel.

Grabbed some Windshield adhesive as a result of my bud from work Josh, recommending it. Applied it to the lcd frame and inserted onto the lucite and then applied it to the bezel and lucite and squished them together. Word of caution, this stuff is strong, in both application and smell, best to do this outdoors, as my office smelt of it for hours after only have the stuff open for maybe 5 min tops. Below shot is the lcd hooked up, running RoadRunner frontend as a test, not bad, pics do not do it justice at all.

More to come....


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